coloring the precious moments

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We strongly believe in the power of the captured moments and magnificent colors.
Our goal is to take photos that naturally give back every moment of your wedding, without cheap filters.


From time to time we love to compete with fellow photographers. Luckily, there are many top-notch competitions out there, whether it’s Worldwide, European or local.

We’re proud to be both Fearless Photographers, it gives us the opportunity to compete with photographers from every single country.

In Central Europe, there is an annual competition, called CeWes (Central European Wedding Show). 

This year (2022) we achieved something we’re really proud of: We became the Photographers of the Year

And finally, our local, Hungarian award is called MAEF. Hungary is packed with super-talented photographers, so the competition is always fierce here. 

Wedding photographer of a Year 2022


Szőke menyasszony a sivatagban

Although Hungary has an infinite amount of spectacular scenery, we love to explore the World and create memories in different parts of it. We feel incredibly honored when a couple from a different county, a different culture chooses us as their wedding photographers. We love to be introduced to their traditions, their country’s beauty, and of course the happiest day of their lives.

From the scorching deserts to the icy-snowy mountains, we had the privilege to photograph stunning weddings and beautiful couples. If you would like to be part of a huge adventure with us, we would not hesitate a moment to fly with you even to the furthest point on Earth. Amazing photos are guaranteed as much as good vibes are.
Kreatív fotózás Olaszországban a Lago di Braies tó partján
Győrfi-Bátori Péter és Farkas Balázs a PurePhoto két vezetője egy gyárudvaron lepedő előtt

We are PurePhoto

We’re a two men photographer team, Péter Győrfi-Bátori, and Balázs Farkas. We have been photographing weddings together for the better part of a decade. Our goal is to capture every moment of your wedding as professionally and unnoticed as we can. Whatever happens on that day deserves to be eternal and unforgettable. But now let our photos speak for us. You can find our portfolio in our gallery. If you like what you see, don’t be shy and send us a message from the contact menu. Tell us all your dreams about your wedding photos in a video meeting and let us fulfill them.

Would you like us to be your photographers?

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