There are many prestigious awards all around the Globe and our home Hungary isn’t an exception to that. There are two bigger annual competitions where acknowledged photographers from the World jury entered photos. One of these two comps are CEWES (Central European Wedding Show) and the other is MAEF (Magyar esküvőfotósok Fotópályázat – Hungarian Wedding Photographers Contest).


ouching Moments Category – 2nd place

Couples' Portrait Shooting Category - 3rd place

CEWES 2021

Engagement shooting Category – 2nd place

CEWES 2020

Preparation Category – 2nd place

Engagement shooting Category – 4th place

Magyar Esküvőfotósok fotópályázat 2020

Couples' Portrait Shooting Category – 1st place

Touching Moments Category – 3rd place

CEWES 2019

CEWES fashion Category – 4th place

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